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Dreams can be turned into reality only when one understands his/her own core strength and finds the right path. We help you by guiding you to the right direction so that you can achieve your individual objectives. We conduct numerous careers counseling sessions aimed towards identifying your aptitude and showing you the right path to decide your course of action.

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 We are always well updated with the prevailing best universities in each and every country, and always check for new emerging educational frontiers. We conduct sessions where in we bring out various alumni reference from the past years. This will help understand the value of each institute and also provide a clear conception about their presence in the international education conclave

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Our personal interaction methods help us get in-depth knowledge about your personal preferences and interests along with the academic credentials. This helps us to identify the right course suitable for you and your way of being.

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About Us

Maple Inc was founded in the year 2015. Our mission is to help students from India and indeed from all over the world satisfy their taste for standard international education. We are one of the best and most comprehensive study-abroad consultants in India. Our services include counselling students on lucrative career options and matching them to the best schools abroad based on their profile, choice, background, and aspirations for suitable careers.

We have established a valuable relationship with some of the best world leading universities from various countries. This enables us to easily advise students and help them get admission into the best schools where they can satisfy their taste for a quality education while enjoying a higher quality of life.

Here at Maple Inc, we believe that quality education abroad should be followed by lucrative job options, this is why we advise students before matching them to a school that is right for them. We don’t only help you get admitted; we also provide help and guidance in getting visa fast and in settling in your new environment when you eventually move abroad.

Why We Started Maple Inc?
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We have acquired years of experience from studying, traveling, working, and living overseas – We understand how stressful and difficult the process of getting reliable information about study abroad program can be. Most people are misguided by the information they obtained from their friends, TV and even from some websites. When you are preparing to study abroad, you need solid and reliable information.

We are different because we have already passed through the process and understood what it takes to study abroad. We don’t just gather information and give you. Instead, we advise you based on our experience and we match you to the best university in the world based on your profile and choices. Basically, it is our hope and aspirations to help you solve all the problems that are associated with studying overseas.

Why Are We Different?


We are very different from other websites. We don’t just list schools and requirements. We give you first-hand information that is reliable and authentic. We are very honest and provide you everything you need to know about study abroad programs in various countries.

More importantly is that we care a lot about what we do. We are not after money or fame, we just want to help students and maintain our impeccable reputation. Every one of us working at Maple Inc has studied and live abroad, you can be able to tap into our abundance of experience and knowledge when you work with us.

why we are diiferent
Study Abroad Information You Can Get From Our Website


We virtually cover everything you need to know when it comes to moving overseas for studies. Below are some of what you can expect to find on our website:

  • Information About Choosing a School abroad
  • Information About Applying for Schools Abroad
  • Advice/guide on how to choose school and courses
  • Help in applying to schools abroad to increase your chances of getting admitted.
  • Information/guide on applying for visa
  • Help in applying for study abroad visa
  • Guide on paying tuition, get accommodation, and job.
Our Mission

Create a better world through quality education

– Every day, we come closer to fulfilling this mission through each student we successfully got admitted and help to start school abroad. We have worked with parents and the aspiring students to achieve this dream. You can be our next project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your study abroad inquiry.