Canada Immigration – Your Key to a Successful Life


Canada, a country found in North America is starting to be a target of most migrants nowadays. With the good quality of life and standard of living, the country is becoming an attractive place for working as well as residing. Canada is a country open for immigrants; thus, resetting it is not difficult stay. Most of the immigrants after some time of staying there become permanent citizens of Canada.

Canada as being one of the most peaceful, democratic, developed and multicultural countries in the world, the number of immigrants from different parts of the world keeps increasing each year for several decades. In the past, Canadian immigrants were mainly coming from Europe. Since they were coming from the same region, they were more alike than they were different. However, many of the recent immigrants are coming mostly from overseas, and they are still coming with different languages, religions, and cultures.

Canada has been one of the top choices for immigrants. There are many job seekers all over the world looking for work in Canada. The country offers a vast spectrum of opportunities. Each individual regardless of nationality is offered the same chances to secure a job. Working in Canada also entitles you to a good pay rate and you have the option to include your spouse and/or children in your application. Whether you are a professional, a skilled worker, or a caregiver many jobs are available for you in this country.

There are great reasons why many people from different country choose to Migrate to Canada. Here are some of the major reasons described below.


A Canadian study permit is given to students from India that is willing to pursue their studies in Canada. If you are accepted from an accredited school, you will get a permit. Before that, one will need to prove the following to obtain the permit:

  • Evidence that the student can afford living expenses and tuition.
  • Evidence of good health.
  • Evidence of no criminal or violent record.
  • Promise to leave the country once the course finishes.

Skill Demand

This is a great factor for which immigration is the answer. There are certain specific industrial sectors which the Canadian government has recognized. The Government of Canada has been unable to find qualified and skilled workers to work in these sectors. For this purpose, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada has come up with a Priority Occupation List which lists all the occupations that are in need of skilled workers who could contribute to the economy of Canada. This list is updated on a regular basis based on the needs of the economy.


One can also migrate under the Immigrant Investment Program. If the investor promises to boost the economy of Canada with an investment of no less than C$800,000, he will be considered eligible for immigration. He will also have to meet requirements similar to the Entrepreneur Program.

Self Employed Persons Program

This particular program is available for self-employed people like athletes, people from the field of cultural activities and management. They will, however, have to show at least two years of relevant experience in the field.

Canadian Experience Class

Foreign students who have completed their studies in the country and are thought to have acquired the necessary skills to get a job and live in the country can be considered under the Canadian Experience Class and may be allowed a work permit and permanent residency.

Sustained Economic Growth

This is another aspect that attracts prospective immigrants to Canada. Despite the recession, Canada is one of those very few countries that have had its economy on a sustainable model. With its stable economy on a growth, projecting employment on a full-time basis has increased constantly in the last few months.


This is another issue which ensures that a good number of immigrants walk into the country to make up for the employment and the numbers in general. With more and more people reaching the retirement age, it might lead to a hiatus in the employment rate with no workforce to be placed. Thus, the lack of human resources is another aspect that makes sure that the numbers are met via the process of immigration. These Demographic Factors are one of the main reasons for the reduction in trade, purchasing power which might affect the Canadian standards of living. Immigration is the shortest and easiest way to cater to this issue.

Flexible parental sponsorship laws

This is for permanent residents and citizens with quick processing of such applications (often within 3 to 4 years) means that the family reunification in quick and fast.

To conclude, it can be said that productivity is captured by the nation via the process of immigration. More so, it is of mutual benefit to both the immigrants who are getting better opportunities as well as the nation which is booming its economy. And, so immigrants play the role of further building the nation and the key to its culture and economy.