Study in Dubai


Dubai is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Every year, thousands of tourists seeking to catch fun come to Dubai for holidays. However, tourism is not the only thing that you will get when you come to Dubai; the country also offers quality and affordable education for international students.

Study In Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and it is very famous for its Nouveau Arab architecture. This country is a desert city-state that is located on the shores of beautiful Arabian Gulf. It is made beautiful with lots of clean, sandy beaches, and clear blue-green waters. Dubai has the best and most attractive infrastructures; the quality of life here is so high and comparable to the ones that can be found in European countries such as France and the United Kingdom, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Dubai has an ancient heritage that stands amidst the skyscrapers and highways of the modern, cosmopolitan Dubai cities. It is regarded as the fastest growing economy in the world.

You will enjoy the best architecture, beautiful roads, delicious cuisines, awesome nightlife, rich culture, and many attractive places to see when you come to Dubai.

Dubai government has education policies that make learning in this country to be comparatively cheaper. Education in Dubai covers the primary, secondary and collegiate education levels. The country practices the same school system like the United Arab Emirates.

Getting a Bachelor Degree in Dubai takes four years. However, the studies leading to the Bachelor’s Degree at the national universities takes four years. English is the language of instruction in Dubai universities except for those studying Sharia law in which Arabic is used.

You can get a postgraduate Diploma from College of Education of the University and obtain your Master’s Degree after year further study following the completion of your Bachelor’s degree.

Dubai also has many excellent private universities such as the American Universities of Sharjah where you can obtain quality Standard American education in Dubai.

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Dubai is one of the top 5 fastest growing economies in the world. Dubai economy is mostly propelled by growing trade and tourism and presents great work opportunities for students. As an international student studying in Dubai, you can opt to work part-time to support your studies. After studies, Dubai has a well-oiled economy that ensures you don’t struggle to get work. You can be able to provide your service in any sector of the economy.