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There are more than a million reasons why the United Kingdom is one of the most popular education destinations in the world for international students. The current education system which is used in many countries of the world was invented and developed in Britain. Every year, over 400,000 international students come to the United Kingdom for higher education.

The United Kingdom is a country with rich history and culture. It is this country that colonized most of the English-speaking countries of the world such as the United State, Singapore, India, and Nigeria. The current educational system that has been adopted in most parts of the world was first used in the UK. Moreover, most of the technology and inventions we use today were invented by the scientists and researchers in the United Kingdom. This country indeed has everything you are looking for.

It has a stable democracy, beautiful cities, known for its love for sports and education, and welcomes everybody with open arms. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Caucasian or Negro, you won’t have a problem settling in the United Kingdom.

Like we mentioned above, the current education system used in many parts of the world were coined and perfected in the United Kingdom. Studying in the United Kingdom gives you the opportunity to get a standard education that is acceptable and recognizable in every part of the world.

The UK is ranked second only after the United States as the best place to get a quality education. The UK Universities such as Cambridge and Oxford have produced thousands of inventors, researchers, influencers, and even presidents.

When you opt to study in the United Kingdom, you won’t only enjoy the academic tradition of some of the world’s most famous universities, you will also benefit immensely from the use of latest facilities as a result of the UK’s reputation for world-class research.

UK universities offer three and four year’s undergraduate studies and one-year Master’s degree programs.

When compared to the United States, it is relatively cheaper to obtain higher education in the UK. Students pay as much as $25,000 in tuition for one year program in the United States, while the same program cost about 6,000 pounds in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, the UK makes it possible to finish your degree in less time than other countries of the world; this will help you save money in tuition and cost of living. Most undergraduate programs in the UK are 3-years program and one-year Master’s degree program.

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As an international student in the UK, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the school term. You can as well work full-time when the school is on break. This should help you make money to support your education and stay in the United Kingdom. Degrees and certificates obtained from the UK universities are recognized and more appealing to workers worldwide. You can easily get employed by multi-national organizations or companies worldwide after your studies in the United Kingdom.


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